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Trevor Lacey arrested after failing to appear in court for traffic violation

Gregory Shamus

NC State guard Trevor Lacey was arrested early Friday morning because he missed his April court date for a speeding ticket, according to The News & Observer. Lacey was stopped by campus police on Friday because he was riding a moped without a helmet, so now he's got that in addition to the unresolved speeding ticket.

Here is the statement on the subject from NCSU:

"We are aware of the situation involving Trevor, and are awaiting the final dispositions of both the legal and university processes," said Fred Demarest, the associate athletic director for communications, in a statement released by the school.

Hard to figure how something like this happens ... I mean, did he just totally space on his court date? Did his lawyer screw up? I'm guessing NC State didn't know about the speeding violation, because I can't imagine that between the coaches and support staff, he'd have gotten into this mess.

As for any implications for the season, I could see a short suspension because Lacey was being a dummy here, but that's about it. Just gonna have to wait and see.

On another note, I wish Lacey would follow Lennard Freeman's lead and ride a regular ol' bike around campus. But at least he's not riding around one of those scooters that seems to guarantee injury for any college football player who's got one.