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Video: NC State fans storm the floor after Pack beats Duke

(Video courtesy (@theACCDN)

You probably remember that the last time NC State beat Duke in Raleigh and fans stormed the floor, there was briefly a scary moment when a fan in a wheelchair was knocked over. Fortunately, C.J. Leslie was there to help him get up and avoid injury.

That fan, Mr. #RollPack himself, Will Privette, was back in attendance on Sunday afternoon, ready for another court scramble as the final seconds ticket away. He took it a bit easier this time (good plan), judging from the photos, and avoided any trouble.


Clearly he is good luck, though, so I think we're just going to have to continue bringing him to all games against Duke in Raleigh. This may mean numerous additional court-stormings are in his future, but this is a risk he's got to take for the good of the program.