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Miami 65, NC State 60: Pack goes cold in second half, misses another great opportunity

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

NC State's performance against Miami on Thursday night was defined in the final 90 seconds, when the Wolfpack had two shots at either tying the game or taking the lead and failed on both tries. The Wolfpack managed only 27 points in the second half, scuttling a fantastic finish to the first half with agonizing, methodical mediocrity.

Trevor Lacey and Ralston Turner finished a combined 7-25 from the floor, effectively negating the heroics from Abdul-Malik Abu, who scored the Pack's first 12 points. (He's really coming on strong, isn't he? So excited about this dude, and no loss can change that.)

Abu's breakthrough offensive effort ultimately was in vain because he had no support. Seriously, it was Abu carrying this offense early and everybody else coming up short. Basketball is weird sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. Abu was phenomenal, and if we're considering the long term, that's the positive takeaway from what was otherwise a spectacle of spew-vom-gaggery.

But the long term is no good in the near term! Aw bollocks. This stinks.