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Cat Barber gets shoved by Miami fan

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

In the final minute of NC State's loss to Miami on Thursday night, a Hurricanes fan decided it was a good time to give Cat Barber a shove in the back. Barber, to his credit, responded by doing nothing and in the process defused what could have been an ugly altercation.

Jim Larranaga apologized for this incident after the game.

Barber didn't have much to say about it, and he had the support of several football players, which just goes to reinforce the folly of this dude's half-assed shove. DON'T MAKE THE FOOTBALL TEAM COME DOWN THERE, GUY.

It's tough to disagree with Nate on this--pull the I'm-coming-at-you feint patented by every ninth grader ever and watch the clown shrivel into the fetal position. That would have been endlessly amusing. Immature, yes. But so amusing, and so deserved.