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NC State loses at home to Clemson, 68-57

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Twelve-of-49. NC State made 12 of 49 two-point attempts against Clemson on Wednesday night. The Wolfpack grabbed 21 offensive rebounds against the Tigers, somehow managing to generate only 10 second-chance points from them. We can go ahead and stop right there. Additional details are not necessary.

I could not even begin to guess the last time State shot that poorly in an ACC game, and that's fine since I don't think I need to know. I think I'll get on just fine without that information. College basketball can be a really depressing place sometimes, and tonight we were killed to death by extreme basketball malpractice. Call whichever law firm handles this issue and seek damages; I'm sure that law firm must be out there.

Let's go to Mark Gottfried as he attempted to put into words whatever the things that was the stuff that happened.

I dunno, I got nothing at this point. It was an astoundingly poor performance on the whole, at super not helpful time.

Weird thing about this is State's still not in a horrible spot at 4-5 in league play, and we do have another month to go. It'd be nice to go a year without feeling discouraged to the point of wanting to live in a small, isolated dark space, but nothing's finished yet. We've just turned the pressure back up to the highest setting, is all.