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NCAA tournament bracketology: Problem? What problem are we talking about?

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Oh please, like you've completely given up and don't care anymore. You just stop right there, okay, bub. We all know this lie. We have all been this lie. It's only January, which comes before February, which is not even March. What happened on Wednesday was a nasty business. We press on in defiance of it.

NC State's NCAA tournament odds have fallen back to a more perilous level, according to The Wolfpack is slightly better than a 3-to-1 dog by their measure to make the tournament, and that's about where the team stood after the Cincinnati game.

The latest bracket projection from ESPN's Joe Lunardi has NC State in a First Four game against Mississippi--on the edge of the at-large field, but in. The Pack's RPI has dipped down to 56th in the aftermath of the bad home loss to Clemson, and that's not bad. State's position can go bad in a hurry, but right now it's not that bad. This fact doesn't help the anger. I'm still angry. I hope the team's angry.