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Trevor Lacey's buzzer beater pushes NC State past Georgia Tech, 81-80

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

NC State did seemingly everything it could down the stretch to lose this game in Atlanta--poor shooting coupled with bad defense and even worse defensive rebounding. After the Pack's halftime lead had evaporated, its was a back-and-forth battle for survival that ended up in overtime.

And State looked done in the final minute, but Trevor Lacey had something to say about that. After Quinton Stephens missed a pair of free throws with less than five seconds to go, the Pack quickly got the ball to Lacey, who did the rest. His running three-pointer was a no-doubter.

(BTW: how great is Cat's reaction to this?)

And unlike a similar play earlier in the year, there was no question he got this one off before time expired. So it was that Trevor Lacey killed Georgia Tech. May the Jackets rest in peace.

So the Wolfpack puts an end to its three-game losing streak in highly improbable fashion, avoiding a nose dive off the bubble. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, man. That was game was incredibly frustrating until it wasn't and there was only sweet, sweet happiness.