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Video: Trevor Lacey buries the Yellow Jackets

(Highlight via @theACCDN)

Still hard to believe that happened. What a damn shot. Georgia Tech even completely ignored two State players to converge on Trevor Lacey and it didn't matter. What a time for fortune to swing back our way, huh?

Hopefully this turns out to be the break this group needed to start playing its best basketball of the season, because that's what we need as we head into February. Plenty of winnable games on the schedule, and also plenty of opportunities to nab another marquee win.

NC State's still in a tough position, but it's nothing this team can't play its way out of, especially if Cat Barber can become more of a factor like he was against Georgia Tech in the first half.

But we can worry about that stuff later. For now, I'm just gonna soak in the improbability of this afternoon, maybe say a few prayers to TREVOR LACEY DA GAWD