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NC State 68, Pitt 50: Highlights from the Pack's victory

Highlights from the ACC Digital Network, plus Dan Bonner saying "North Carolina State" as many times as he possibly can, because Dan Bonner feels obligated to do this for all eternity. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks around all day mumbling "North Carolina State" under his breath.

Why is it so hard to just use "NC State"? If more announcers did that, I have a feeling fewer would accidentally refer to State as "North Carolina." And it's easier to say! Fewer syllables! Think of all the extra time they'd have for incisive analysis! Stop what you're doing, Dan Bonner, stop it because it is annoying and wrong.

What was I talking about? Oh right, we won a basketball game. Good work on that, everyone. Way to hustle out there.