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There's nothing fun about this part of the obstacle course

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, so we have to do this now, do we? You're going to have to throw us off the cliff, John Swofford, because we aren't jumping over the edge any time soon no matter how many spiels you cough up about team buil-- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

NC State's Next Three Opponents Pomeroy Rating Offensive Efficiency (national rank) Defensive Efficiency (national rank)
Virginia 2 117.7 (4) 86.5 (4)
Duke 3 121.5 (1) 89.9 (15)
UNC 8 111.6 (15) 89.0 (11)

Are we alive? Did we make it? Are we still in the footprint? Or are we dead, transferred back a week in time per standard death adjustment procedures? Too early to tell. It doesn't look great, honestly. Too early to tell. Most likely dead. Too early to tell.

Bet we had a hell of a run through that last week though. The only real trouble is in the getting over the cliff, and then it's fine unless the bungee cord breaks or your heart explodes. Certainly we realized one of those two regretful outcomes--maybe even both at the same time--but we won't come to terms with it for several days yet.