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Terry Henderson arrested, charged with two misdemeanors in pellet gun incident

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State guard Terry Henderson, who is sitting out the season as a transfer from West Virginia, got himself arrested on Monday for an incident involving a pellet gun. Per the police report, Henderson and a friend were shooting the pellet gun at a car--one of the two (it's not specified which) knew the person who owns the car.

NCSU released a brief statement on Tuesday:

"Terry made us aware early yesterday morning of his arrest related to his use of an air pistol," associate athletic director Fred Demarest said in a statement released on Tuesday. "We will await the forthcoming court proceedings before commenting further."

Henderson was charged with discharging a firearm in Raleigh city limits and carrying a concealed weapon, and both of those are misdemeanors. He has a court date set for Feb. 4, so we should learn more about potential punishment from NC State then. Henderson cannot be suspended from any games this season since he is not currently eligible to play (or rather, this would be pointless), but a short suspension at the beginning of next season might be a possibility.

Unfortunately, there is precedent in the area of pellet gun shenaniganery. After a similar incident involving football players, Dave Doeren suspended seven players--many of them key parts of the two-deep--for one game. Several players were in the midst of redshirt seasons; they were placed on team probation.