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NC State withers down the stretch, loses to Virginia, 61-51

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 46.2 46.4
Turnover Rate 18.5
Off Reb Rate 22.2 33.3
FT Rate 17.0 17.9

61 60 101.7 85.0
NC State
51 60 85.0 101.7

Shooting wasn't a problem for NC State, at least not in the early portion of the game. The Wolfpack came out of the locker room drilling threes, and eventually built a 16-8 lead behind 4-5 shooting from beyond the arc. State finished the first half 7-12 from three and trailed by only one point.

The Pack was going to need another good half shooting from outside in order to pull off this upset, since it became obvious quickly that NC State wasn't going to get much help from the frontcourt outside of Kyle Washington. But State hit only two of its nine second-half three point tries, and while the Pack nonetheless managed to hang around well into the last 10 minutes, its offense eventually faltered one too many times.

After Trevor Lacey gave NC State a one-point edge at 42-41 with around nine minutes left, Virginia put together another run, shutting the Pack's offense out for several minutes. The Cavs did that in the first half to open up a nine-point edge that State was able to overcome. They opened up another nine-point lead here and it was curtains. Alas.

The Wolfpack got a nice shooting performance from Ralston Turner, who was responsible for four of NC State's three-pointers, but Trevor Lacey was held to only nine points, which is about half his season average. But that's what Virginia does, man.

There was very little room for Cat Barber to create anything offensively, and as much as tried to spark offense with penetration, he was well-controlled by the Cavs and kept away from the rim. Quiet night for Barber as a result.

The Martin twins, bless 'em, tried their best to provide some support off the bench but were too often making poor decisions and playing without control. It often takes extra focus to beat a defense as good as Virginia's, and for too many possessions, State didn't have that. Too many ill-advised shots, effectively throwing possessions away. All due credit to Virginia for its role in the poor shots. State just didn't do itself any favors.

And speakin' of which, State also went 2-9 at the free throw line. The road to Upsettown is not paved with missed free throws, people! Write that down.