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Jordan Vandenberg's got a hilarious story about his official visit to NC State

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the story that went public recently about official recruiting visits at Louisville that were, um, extra fun, former NC State center Jordan Vandenberg shared his own recruiting story. And why not, because it is hilarious for very opposite-of-Louisville reasons.

If you don't know how official visits work, it's basically like this: recruits arrive in town and are assigned a host player; that host is given a modest sum of money to entertain the recruit, in whatever fashion they decide. So Vandenberg was apparently all set to hit the bowling lanes (probably on Hillsborough Street), but his host slash university tour guide slash recruiting ambassador completely skipped out on the whole thing.

This is funny on its own, but it's extra funny when you realize that this was during the Sidney Lowe era. Because of course this happened during the Sidney Lowe era. Somehow Vandenberg still opted to pick NC State. Maybe we should send that hotel a thank you card.

Current NC State assistant Bobby Lutz, who was not on staff during the Lowe era, responded to the Vandy Man:

I have zero doubt that he's speakin' truth, and we appreciate ya, coach. (Vandenberg was very diplomatic about this, but "different culture back then" is a noteworthy remark.)