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NBA MVP Stephen Curry borrowing moves from NC State commit Dennis Smith Jr.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Dennis Smith Jr. is a fantastic basketball player, as NC State fans well know by now, and reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry got to see Smith's talents firsthand over the summer. Smith attended Curry's Select Camp, where he impressed on multiple occasions, including with this incredible dunk:

Smith also showed off a move in which he bounced the ball through his defender's legs on the way to the basket. That was the move Curry took note of during the camp and added to his own repertoire. With the sort of twist that only Steph Curry can add, that is. Clips of both Smith's move and Curry's take on it can be seen here, along with Curry's explanation of how it came about (skip to 3:25):

Not bad, kid, not bad. Of course, Smith isn't more than a couple years away from playing in the NBA with Steph Curry, so maybe this whole thing shouldn't be surprising.

(h/t Complex / Slam Online / reader Kyler)