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NC State agrees to new six-year deal with Adidas worth $38.7 million

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

NC State's current apparel deal with Adidas ends next summer, and not surprisingly, the school has worked out a new deal with Adidas rather than moving to Under Armour or Nike. This new deal is worth $6.45 million annually, more than double the value of the previous contract.

For now at least, this contract stacks up well nationally--for instance, it's more valuable than the deal Arizona State got for switching to Adidas from NIke. It can't quite match the mega-deals that Michigan (15/$169 mil) and Texas (15/$250) have gotten recently, but this is definitely a nice step forward for the athletics department.

This was a good time to be at the negotiating table with Adidas, which has been losing major clients in college athletics, like the aforementioned University of Michigan, plus Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

I know Adidas is not exactly everybody's favorite apparel provider, but it's hard to be upset about a deal worth this much, and this enhanced contract may come with some extra uniform surprises, which I'm all for.