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NC State basketball will debut "Iced Out" alternate uniforms at the Legends Classic

NC State Athletics Communications

The football team isn't the only program on campus busting out some alternate uniforms in the near future. On Friday afternoon, NC State announced that the hoops team will be wearing Adidas' "Iced Out" uniforms this Tuesday, against either LSU or Marquette.

The uniforms are designed to change colors when hit by a camera flash, which is pretty neat-o, I think. Adidas did a nice job with this particular wave of alternates, which will be worn by about a dozen teams. Arizona State will be wearing theirs against NC State on Monday.

Miami and Louisville will also wear their version of the "Iced Out" uniforms at some point, and Louisville's has sleeves for some  reason. What is the deal with Louisville and sleeves, anyhow? Their special March uniforms last year had them too.

Anyway, I very much look forward to seeing these in person next week, and I hope we see them again down the line. Whatcha think?