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NC State No. 39 in preseason Sports Illustrated college basketball rankings

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated released its own statistically-based rankings for college basketball on Tuesday, and we have something of a consensus between SI and the Pomeroy Ratings when it comes to NC State. SI has NCSU at No. 39 in its preseason ratings, while KenPom has State at 41.

SI predicts and eighth-place finish in the ACC and 10-seed for the Wolfpack in the NCAA tournament. That seed is fair given the team's history under Mark Gottfried, though I would not be surprised to see the team beat that seed line when all is said and done.

Both SI and KP expect NC State's offense to slide from where it finished (22nd) but stay in the top-40. They also both anticipate State's defense improving, with KP (49) being more optimistic than SI (69).

SI has UNC at No. 1 overall, but interestingly, sees next to little improvement for the Tar Heels' defense this season. Hard to imagine a team with the 45th-best defense in the country--if that's how it actually works out--being the best in team in the nation.

There are six ACC teams in SI's top 25.