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NC State welcomes John Brown, High Point Panthers to town

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I apologize for the lack of a full-blown preview of High Point today, but life intervened in a rather unpleasant manner on Tuesday, throwin' off my schedule. These bullet points will have to do:

-- High Point ranks 106th in offensive efficiency and 152nd in defensive efficiency. The Panthers rank 85th in eFG% and 53rd in TO rate on the offensive side, but don't do a ton of things well, in general. Their interior shooting has been mediocre, though they've made up ground by shooting better than 40% from deep. Fortunately, they don't take a lot of threes.

-- Defensively their primary strength is forcing turnovers--their turnover rate ranks 38th naitonally. Opponents have also attempted a lot (and missed a lot of three-pointers, so expect zone.

-- The player to watch is 6-8 forward John Brown, who has been tremendously consistent as a high-workload scorer during his 3+ seasons. This year he's making 57.4% of his twos and 70.9% of his free throws; he is not an outside shooter. Which is about all he doesn't do. Brown is a force on the glass at both ends, and his turnover, block, and steal rates are all good-to-great.

-- Lorenzo Cugnini is another kid to watch, what with the fact that he is 20-33 (.606) from three this season.

-- In general this is a veteran team, which is partly what makes them scary. The Pomeroy Predictor likes NC State by eight. The Panthers already have acquitted themselves well in two true road games against Power 5 teams (Texas Tech, Georgia) ranked similarly to the Pack in the Pomeroy Ratings.