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NC State has three players score 20+ in a game for first time in 25 years

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

NC State had an easy time scoring in a win over Bucknell on Saturday afternoon, and three Wolfpack players scored more than 20 points: Maverick Rowan, Cat Barber, and Caleb Martin. As it turns out, this is the first time since 1990 State's had three guys score 20 points or more in a game.

From NC State's basketball sports information director:

And the box:

Pretty average game by Rodney Monroe's standards, but good heavens Chris Corchiani was brilliant, scoring 36 on only 14 field goal attempts. (Not to mention the 10 dimes.) Since the opportunity was there, naturally I was more than willing to calculate the tempo-free numbers from that game.

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 60.9 39.1
Turnover Rate 11.5
Off Reb Rate 48.9 31.6
FT Rate 33.7 21.8

80 95 84.2 142.1
NC State
135 95 142.1 84.2

Ninety-five possessions in a regulation basketball game that involved NC State! Holy smokes, I bet that was a fun one to watch. Can you allow 80 points in a game while still playing good defense? You sure can, and this is a great (albeit extreme) example.

State's average of 1.42 points per possession was/is rarefied air, though not quite as jaw dropping as the Pack's point total might have suggested. Obviously good things are gonna happen when you shoot nearly 61 percent, grab nearly half the shots you do miss, and rarely turn the ball over.

Here's an old recap of that game.