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Highlights! NC State takes care of Louisville

College basketball is weird--I mean, we've all been watching long enough, I don't need to reiterate it, but still. It's a strange game. The Wolfpack looked like the better team in Louisville for nearly the full 40 minutes, and I'm talking about a Wolfpack team with 11 losses. A Wolfpack team that looked out-classed at Wake Forest.

It's crazy how these things turn around. I'm not too upset about it right now, though. Yeah, some consistency would be nice, but if you have consistency, have you ever really lived? We are on the tightrope, for better or worse.

Today, very much for the better. The second half was so much fun. I liked that NC State team a whole lot. They should look into bringing back these black uniforms for another game or five, seeing as how they're undefeated in them this season.

State can get back to .500 in ACC play with a win over Virginia Tech next Saturday, which would set up a pretty huge game in Chapel Hill. Sounds like a good time.