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NC State's lack of winning streaks all part of larger plan

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Remember winning streaks? Those things where a team wins multiple games in a row? NC State hasn't been on one since Wofford cut short a streak at two wins back in mid-December. With a win over Virginia Tech on Saturday, State would finally have itself another winning streak, ending a drought spanning more than two months.

There have been losing streaks in those two months, and for a long time the Wolfpack alternated wins and losses. It's a weird path for a team that is actually still in contention for an NCAA tournament bid.

I looked back over the last decade-plus to see if the Wolfpack has had long winning streak droughts before, and it turned out this sort of thing is not as uncommon as I thought. (How quickly I had forgotten about the Sidney Lowe era.)

Still I couldn't find a drought as long as the one State's been through in 2015. The closest in length came in 2010, when State won back-to-back games on Dec. 29/Dec. 31, then didn't win two or more in a row again until Feb. 20/Feb. 27. That team finished 20-16 and saw its season end in the second round of the NIT.

So what we've experienced this year is definitely an oddity, both in terms of duration and the quality of the team enduring the drought. Does it strike you as, perhaps, a little too odd? Unlike Sidney Lowe, who just had shitty teams, Mark Gottfried has been slow-playing a good team. There is a plan. See, if we get all of the losing out of the way before tournament time, it clears the way for straight winnin'. That's just basketball science.

I can hear your complaints now, about how that doesn't make any damned sense and it doesn't have anything to do with real true basketball science and etc. Look, okay, you have to trust the process. In less than a week's time, everything will slide into place.