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Highlights: NC State 69, Virginia Tech 53

NC State has scored more than 1.3 points per possession in three games this season, including Saturday night against Virginia Tech. (The Tennessee and Richmond games were the other occasions.) Their performance against the Hokies was their most efficient effort of the season.

It never felt that impressive to me, I think largely because the game was so slow. KenPom has it officially as a 51-possession game, and it's hard for me to imagine that a regulation game could be much slower. I looked at the slowest-paced team in the country (American U.), and found they've played one 49-possession game but no other contests under 50 possessions.

So State-VT wasn't the slowest game of the season, but if American's results are an indication, it's in the neighborhood. The national average tempo is 65 possessions per 40 minutes. American, which is dead last, averages 57.1.

The Pack and Hokies both play at an average pace, so I would not have expected them to combine for such a slog fest. I don't even want to think about what the scores would've looked like if these teams shot poorly.