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Bracketology update: NC State holding steady after beating Virginia Tech

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

To nobody's surprise, the Virginia Tech game was of little value to NC State--it was a game the Pack had to win simply to maintain its position near the tail end of the bubble. A loss would have been devastating, but that crisis was averted without much trouble.

NC State's tournament chances stand at 53.5%, according to, putting the Pack right on that razor edge we've gotten used to occupying. State is most likely to end up an 11-seed should it make the NCAAs, in Team Rankings' estimation.

USA Today's Shelby Mast has NC State as an 11-seed as of Sunday morning, and on the encouraging side, he does not list the Pack among his last four in. I will take that right now. Where do I sign?

NC State's RPI dropped a bit after the Virginia Tech game, down from 45th to 51st. That's not super relevant for the time being since the VT game had no real effect on State's resume or its strength of schedule.