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Bracketology update, post-UNC edition: Good news, everyone!

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

So much can change quickly when a bubble team earns a victory like the one NC State got on Tuesday night. On Monday, State was widely considered to sit near the end of the NCAA tournament at-large field, but after beating North Carolina, the Pack's NCAA position looks stronger than it has in a while.

Team Rankings gives NC State an 82.6% chance of making the field, and calculates the Pack is most likely to receive a No. 9 seed. With State's RPI sitting at 37, that seed line would be about right, and ESPN's Joe Lunardi has the Wolfpack as a nine as well. Patrick Stevens has the Pack as a 10-seed.

As of Wednesday night, State's average seed in bracket projections was about  a 10, according to Bracket Matrix. More than a few of the brackets included in that average probably haven't been updated to reflect the UNC win, though. The brackets that have State as a 12-seed I assume haven't been adjusted to reflect the week's results, or maybe they are just that pessimistic about our situation.

The most optimistic projection among those collected by Bracket Matrix is from this site, which pegs NC State as a five-seed (!). No other projection has the Pack higher than a seven. Five is just a bit of a stretch right now, but I suppose if we are going to keep on winning--and we are, of course--it's going to become increasingly feasible. That guy or gal is just ahead of the curve on this.