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NC State reportedly will play in 2015 Legends Classic with LSU, Marquette, and Arizona State

Hello, old friend.
Hello, old friend.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NC State will be one of the headlining teams in the 2015 Legends Classic, per a report from CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein. Other participants include Marquette, LSU, and Arizona State, and along with the Pack, they'll meet in Brooklyn beginning on Nov. 23 to decide the winner of the event.

It's an eight-team event, with the other four slots likely filled by mid-majors. Each of the headlining schools hosts a "regional" during which it will play two of those four mid-majors before heading to Brooklyn for the bigger games. Here's what the 2014 Legends Classic schedule looked like, for example. The four headlining teams involved are guaranteed to go to Brooklyn regardless of what happens in the "regional" portion of the event.

The headliners are also guaranteed two games in Brooklyn, so NC State will have the chance to bolster its early schedule strength with a couple of potentially tough games. LSU should be pretty good next season, while Arizona State has been a top-50ish team the last couple years.

That Sun Devils team, of course, is coached by a man who needs no introduction around these parts. What a surreal situation that's going to be, if NC State and ASU end up playing each other.