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Boston College 79, NC State 63: Barf blarg bleh blarg barf bleh blarg barf barf barf ewwwwww

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

That was unpleasant and I did not have a nice time. Boston College scored 43 points in the first half on Saturday afternoon, which was good enough to give the Eagles a 17-point halftime lead on NC State. The Eagles played State even on the scoreboard the rest of the way, and that was that. What a stupid crummy basketball game.

Let's break down the numbers!

Boston College posted a 64.8 effective field goal percentage and hit 22 of 29 free throw attempts.

NC State shot 6-22 from beyond the arc and made only 15 of 42 two-point attempts against a bad defense.


Cat Barber, Ralston Turner, and Trevor Lacey combined to shoot 11-39 from the floor.


All right, we're done here. This game happened. So it goes. Basketball is a sport of many perils, and sometimes the other team shoots 64.8% from the field and what can you do. Let's hope the team can regroup to make itself a bit more presentable for its next contest.