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ACC admits to officiating miscue in NC State-Wake game

No way!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC has told NC State that scuffle between Cody Martin and Devin Thomas late in the NCSU-Wake game on Tuesday was handled incorrectly by the officials. The league's head of officials, John Clougherty, emailed an acknowledgement of the mistake to Debbie Yow on Wednesday.

At the time of the altercation, NC State was down 86-77 with about 40 seconds remaining. Caleb Martin had grabbed an offensive board as Thomas elbowed Cody and was fouled, putting him at the line for two. Had the crew correctly given Thomas a flagrant one rather than handing Thomas and Martin offsetting fouls, NC State would have gotten two free throws on top of the pair Caleb was about to shoot, plus possession of the ball.

Instead, Martin shot (and made) his pair, and Wake got the ball back, business as usual, and State was robbed of as many as five points in the exchange. Whoops! I'm sure everybody's super sorry about the error and such, which will help me sleep far better tonight.

Really, though, this is some crazy stuff, real crazy stuff. I mean who could imagine that ACC basketball officials messed up. I am shocked. Look at how shocked I am at this news. Oh that's right you can't see me, so just believe me when I tell you that my face has been broken by astonishment, and I fear it is permanent, and that fear is real, just like all of the sentiments I have expressed in this paragraph.