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Virginia, UNC move on to the ACC tournament semifinals

Louisville's first trip to the ACC tournament was a brief one thanks to UNC, which erased a five-point halftime deficit to beat the Cardinals by 10. Brice Johnson led the Tar Heels with 22 points, while Marcus Paige scored 13.

The Cardinals went ice cold in the second half and didn't get Montrezl Harrell involved nearly as often as they should have--Harrell finished with 12 shots, but Terry Rozier and Wayne Blackshear combined to take 36. Rozier and Blackshear only made 12 of those 36 shots. Gross, guys. That's real gross.

In the first game of the day, Virginia did its typical Virginia thing, which is to say that Florida State's offensive efforts were largely stifled and the Noles were unable to break 50 points. The Cavaliers do a great job of both looking vulnerable and winning convincingly at the same time and it really messes with my head.

So with today's afternoon session in the books, one ACC semifinal matchup is set for tomorrow night: top-seeded UVA vs. No. 5 UNC.