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Cat Barber's status in question after collision with Amile Jefferson

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

As if the game itself wasn't bad enough, NC State also endured an injury to Cat Barber against Duke on Thursday that left the Pack without its point guard. Barber appeared woozy after slamming into Amile Jefferson and did not return to the game.

Mark Gottfried didn't have any specifics about Barber's condition following the game, but did his best to be optimistic about it. He had this to say (via Bret Strelow of the Fayetteville Observer):

"I don't know all the exact steps with him, but I do know our medical staff will do everything that they're supposed to do," Gottfried said. "The No. 1 thing we're going to do is look out for his safety and well-being.

"Hopefully in a day or two he's good. If not, we'll learn that as we go."

If it is a concussion, it may be hard to pin down a timetable for his return. Depending on how State's NCAA draw works out, the Pack could be off until next Friday, giving Barber an extra day of rest, should he need it.

With no official prognosis as of Thursday night, details were almost non-existent, but someone claiming to be Barber's brother did take to Cat's Twitter account and post this note:


That tweet has since been deleted.

Hopefully there will be some concrete information on Barber's status from NC State at some point on Friday.