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Printable NCAA tournament bracket: Time to start making poor NC State-related decisions

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we know where NC State is starting the NCAA tournament, we can start making poor outstanding decisions about just how far the Wolfpack can go. A printable version of the tournament is available right here. I've gotten a pen out and wow look at how far NC State is advancing I can't stop my hand someone help me.

This is how the field broke down, 1-68, in the eyes of the committee.

At No. 31, NC State fell a few slots short of a seven-seed, and while I don't really understand how the committee handled the tail end of the at-large field, I think they got the Wolfpack's spot pretty much right. LSU is ranked the third-best No. 9 seed.

BTP will have a pool again this year, again with enormous stakes on the line for everyone competing. We'll have that set up soon.