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Join BTP's NCAA tournament pool

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The nation's 83rd-greatest annual test of mettle is back--that's right, it's the Backing The Pack NCAA tournament pool. This year we're using SB Nation's Realtime Brackets, which offers some scoring twists that should be interesting.

To join our group, here's the info:

Group name: Backing The Pack's Pool
Password: macrowave
Group link: BTP's Pool

There are several different ways I can run this pool, and I wanted to run a quick poll before settling on one. Realtime Brackets gives us the option of allowing players to alter their picks during the tournament, and even during games.


The ability to alter picks mid-game or mid-bracket comes at the cost of points--sure, Kentucky might be down 13 in the final 15 seconds to Wichita, but flipping from UK to Wichita State at that point will cut into your scoring potential. All part of the fun.

Which is you preference? Although you should sign up regardless, because coach says you're talented enough to overcome any style of NCAA tournament pool.