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Mark Gottfried, NC State players talk NCAA tournament and LSU matchup

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

NC State schedule on Wednesday included an open practice at the Consol Center in Pittsburgh as well as a session with media members. Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey spoke about the team's improved play and Cat Barber's transformation, but clearly the remark of the day belongs to BeeJay Anya.

Anya had this to say about LSU:

They are a regular team and they have two really big good post presences down there. We're going to try and defend them as much as possible, but they're a good team and we're going to try and do what we can.

A regular team, like, gastrointestinally? Is that what he's talking about here? That's good for them and everything but we really don't need to bring that into the discussion, BeeJay. But certainly, if the pace of the Tigers' offense is any indication, they are not playing constipated basketball.

Mark Gottfried did not offer any opinions on the regularness of LSU but did talk about how he recruited Ralston Turner:

Q. Mark, when Ralston was looking to leave LSU, did you and Johnny discuss that? I know Johnny wanted him to stay. Because of you guys relationship, how much did you talk about it?

COACH GOTTFRIED: We did. Ralston had actually reached out prior to hiring Johnny, and I knew his family well, having recruited them when he was real young. Ralston actually played with one of my sons in AAU basketball, so I've known their family for a long, long time. I told the Turner family and Ralston to give Johnny a chance and that I was not going to talk to them and we're not going to pursue this until you know for sure later. And I told Ralston, I said, You're going to fall in love with him. You're going to like Johnny. So selfishly, I wanted him, but also that wasn't going to come between my friendship with Johnny. So then probably couple, two or three weeks later I think is when it really picked up some steam. But it's kind of delicate for me, you know, because I'm a guy that pulls for Johnny Jones and here he's got a good player there, and I didn't want Johnny to be hurt in any way. But Ralston, I think, had already made up his mind and he needed a change so it ended up working out okay.