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NC State-LSU game day news roundup: The college basketball party is here

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The first two days of the NCAA tournament feel like a sports experiment to me, like somebody wondered, "what if we throw a ton of sports out there all at the same time and see what happens?" And that experiment is just running forever, since they totally don't have enough data to conclude anything yet. Chaos is usually the result, since this is college sports we're talking about, and it's one heavy dose after another.

Chaos with tension and desperation thrown in. Makes the start of the tournament amazing. And, you know, terrifying if you happen to have a team involved. It's going to be a long day for NC State, which won't be tipping off until after 9 p.m. I'm going to do my best not to pace around nervously all day.

While we're waiting for game time, here's some reading material from around the tubes. Ralston Turner is a popular subject, not surprisingly.

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-- North Carolina State coach Mark Gottfried almost got hired by LSU as assistant back in the day []
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-- Friendship put aside for N.C. State's Gottfried, LSU's Jones [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
-- Pair of Daddy Dale's boys to square off in LSU-N.C. State game [The Advertiser]
-- N.C. State's Gottfried, LSU's Jones have long basketball history [Winston-Salem Journal]
-- N.C. State coach Gottfried, LSU's Jones finally meet as rivals in tourney [Pittsburgh Tribune]
-- NC State, coach Mark Gottfried welcome comfort of NCAA tournament routine [N&O]
-- Lennard Freeman fills important role for Wolfpack [Fayetteville Observer]