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NC State 66, LSU 65: Well, that happened ... somehow

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 46.2 44.2
Turnover Rate 16.3
Off Reb Rate 28.2 31.7
FT Rate 10.6 36.7

LSU 65 67 97.0 98.5
NC State
66 67 98.5 97.0

Looking at those factors above, it's hard to figure where NC State found the edge to beat LSU. The two halves were near mirror images on the scoreboard, with LSU winning the opening 20 minutes 40-26 and NC State winning the second half 40-25.

BeeJay Anya's game winner got every last piece of the rim before dropping in; it was just that kind of game. The margins were so thin in so many different areas. On paper this matchup looked like a coin flip, and yeah, I think it's safe to say these two teams are pretty close.

It took a while for NC State to chip away at LSU's halftime lead--the Tigers held a 14-point advantage with nine minutes left. They simply went stone cold, and did not hit a shot from the field in the final 10 minutes. They had 62 points at that nine-minute mark; they'd only score three more, all of them from the free throw line.

The Tigers were 0-12 from the field during the last 10 minutes and also compounded matters by bricking their last six free throw attempts, including four in the final 90 seconds. It's a strange feeling to be on the right side of a game like this, especially after last year.

Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey shot a combined 8-29 from the field, but Lacey hit some key shots during the rally, including his lone three-pointer of the night. Kyle Washington was huge down the stretch, scoring seven of his nine points when the Pack needed offense the most.

Wild game--exactly the dizzying affair that these two teams have been known for this season.