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Cat Barber jokes about Obama's Villanova pick, and who cares?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yep, Cat Barber celebrated the destruction of Barack Obama's NCAA tournament bracket. This celebration is going viral for stupid internet reasons, so let's go ahead and address the nonsense.

1.) Barack Obama picked Villanova to beat NC State in the NCAA tournament. No one could blame the President for making that pick. Most people do not pick a No. 1 seed to lose during the first weekend. This is standard March operating procedure.

2.) Shortly after NC State beat Villanova, Cat Barber, who obviously had seen that pick, joked in the locker room, "the fuck wrong with Barack Obama?" That's pretty funny. A CBS camera happened to catch it, which I appreciate since the whole thing was funny. It bothered some people, though.

3.) Is this important? Sure isn't!

4.) Does Cat Barber have a problem with Barack Obama? Of course he doesn't.

Got a game to play next week. Barack Obama's bracket has taken a bad turn. Those are Saturday's developments, and we can leave 'em right here.