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NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley's Twitter rant suggests Brandon Ingram is headed to Duke

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley had a few things to get off his chest on Thursday night, and in doing so managed to reference his days with Bobby Lutz at UNC-Charlotte, throw shade at Duke, and show a whole lot of enthusiasm for the future of the Wolfpack program.

Here's how it began:

Demon Brown and Rodney White were two of Moxley's recruiting coups while at Charlotte with Lutz. Moxley and Lutz have spent more than a decade working together, including their time at NC State. The Charlotte gig helped Moxley earn a reputation as one of the better recruiters in the country.

The notable bit to file away is that Moxley lauds players who chose a less-prominent program over blue-bloods. He continues:

Here comes the first shot at Duke:

We're back to Charlotte for a quick second:

You may remember Plavich as the shooting ace on the Charlotte team State beat in the NCAAs a decade ago.

Back to Duke:

(Would this be the wrong time to mention that Jim Valvano was born in Queens and went to Rutgers? Wouldn't Brandon Ingram still get to live in North Carolina if he went to Duke? HERE'S A LITTLE AGIT FOR THE NEVER-BELIEVERS YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH)

And on to the group hug:

That spiel was on the long-winded side by Twitter standards and punctuated right on cue with support from Julius Hodge and Chris Corchiani, but the big takeaway from this literary club over the head is that five-star forward Brandon Ingram is going to Duke. That shouldn't be a surprise to anybody--save maybe poor Cloud--but this is as close to direct confirmation as we're likely to get before Ingram announces on Monday.