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Trevor Lacey submits NBA Draft paperwork, won't return to NC State

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Lacey is officially headed to the pro ranks. The deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft came and went on Sunday, and Lacey has submitted the necessary paperwork for the draft, NC State confirmed on Monday afternoon. We've seen the last of him in a Wolfpack uniform. [Insert sad face here.]

Remarks from Mark Gottfried and Whitt:

"I would like to thank Trevor for his contributions while at NC State," head coach Mark Gottfried said. "I want to wish him the best as he pursues his dream to play in the NBA. We submitted Trevor's name to the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee, and I shared the feedback with Trevor and his family.

"Not only was his play outstanding for our team, but he showed great character while completing this academic semester at NC State."

Lacey didn't fully commit to going pro after his initial announcement--he didn't immediately hire an agent--which left the door open for a return. There was never any serious indication that he would come back to NC State for his senior season, though, making Monday's confirmation no surprise.

Like I said a couple weeks ago, I think this decision makes a lot of sense for Lacey. I'm disappointed as a fan that he's gone but moving on is probably the best thing he could have done, even if he goes undrafted. That's the thing about this, too--going pro can be a good decision even if you don't get drafted by the NBA. Lots of money to be made out there.

Let us all shed a single tear as we fondly remember the isolation king. Thanks, Trevor!