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We had fun, we had a whole lot of fun

The college basketball season is over, and while I still have this clear memory of State up eight points on Louisville in the second half of a Sweet Sixteen game, I've been going back to all of the events that led to that point. Bizarrely, it was a win at Louisville that put the pieces in motion for a rematch in Syracuse.

And damn that was a good time, that win at Louisville. The last few weeks of the season saw the Pack go from NCAA tournament question-mark to NCAA tournament lock, and that's a rare thing. Going from maybe to probably to eight-seed doesn't happen often.

Next season is going to be different--we're going from Pretty-Much-Definitely to Yup [vigorous head nods]. This is an important moment in the evolution of any college sports program. You observe the strut-nod territory, you dip your toes in, and you say, "why yes, I will partake." Nod the hell out of that situation while you walk down the street. We're there now. This is where we are.

In addition to that win at Louisville, the win at UNC was a significant breakthrough for the program, and thanks to heroes like YouTube user cylonwolf, we can relive those moments in full. If you have the time to spare, the State win in Chapel Hill is available to watch above.

It's awesome.

Thank you guys for reading our work here at BTP this year. It's been great to ride through football and basketball season with y'all, and there'd be no point in doing it without you. We're planning to do the whole football and basketball season over again, regardless of consequences. Should be a good time; you should come along.