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T.J. Warren, nonchalant trick shot artist

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

T.J. Warren is back in Raleigh putting in some work at the Dail, and that work of course includes trick shot practice. This shot by Warren doesn't quite reach the impressive heights of Scott Wood's work in this arena, but it's nonetheless a fine piece of trickshottery.

A video posted by TJ Warren (@t.warren12) on

(hat tip to the Suns)

Is anyone surprised that T.J. doesn't have to be in front of the hoop or even standing up in order to get buckets? No, of course not. He probably gets buckets while he is asleep, somehow. I don't know how that could happen, but I'm also betting it does.

If he simply rolled a basketball out the front door of his house, I have no doubt that it would find its way to the nearest hoop and go up and in, climbing stairs, hills, or whatever along the way.