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Trevor Lacey, Ralston Turner go through workouts for NBA teams

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA Draft around the corner, Trevor Lacey and Ralston Turner are just a couple of the prospects trying to make a name for themselves. Lacey has been through workouts with Philadelphia and Houston, and most recently the Los Angeles Lakers.

The good news for Trevor is that Kobe Bryant is nearing retirement, and so Trevor might not be forced into a self-defeating and dysfunctional locker room situation, were he drafted by the Lakers. We will keep our fingers crossed. Trevor is still a long-shot in terms of his draft prospects.

Ralston Turner recently had a chance to show off his outside-shooting skills to the Charlotte Hornets, which could use the help. Turner won't be drafted, but maybe his performance in workouts has been sufficient to earn him a shot in the Developmental League, or elsewhere.

Both Lacey and Turner will play professional basketball, it's just a matter of what level.