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Shaun Kirk dunks a whole lot in East/West All-Star game

Let's just dunk everything.
Let's just dunk everything.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Shaun Kirk scored 23 points in an all-star game on Monday, and 10 of those points came via dunk. His performance generated some buzz because it was a strong overall effort, but also because dunks. A dunk like this. And a dunk like this...

That's Kirk in the first highlight of the short video, taking flight just a few steps inside the free throw line. Yes, please, I would like about 10 more of those during the college basketball season. That may be unrealistic, so I will settle for six or seven.

I want State to play a lineup with the Martin twins, Kirk, Anya, and Abu--any basket that is not a dunk does not count. I don't think that house rule would ever actually come into play, though. Dunks and rainbows and dunks and love and blocks and dunks, my friends. That can be this team. Dunk everything, shoot 100%, win all games. Seems doable to me.