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Trevor Lacey talks post-draft process, plans for the near term

Trevor Lacey is a few days away from hitting the court with the Cleveland Cavaliers' Las Vegas summer league team, and in this interview with WHNT in Huntsville, Ala., he sounds like a guy more than ready to get started. But that's been the sentiment from him ever since he declared.

I hope he gets a chance to play meaningful minutes in Vegas so he has a legitimate chance to help himself--Ralston Turner hasn't seen a second of action with the Hornets in Orlando this week, which I'm sure is frustrating. Lacey sounds at peace about the whole thing, though, whether he manages to stick in the NBA or heads overseas.

The Cleveland Cavaliers open their schedule in Vegas on Friday night against the Golden State Warriors. The Cavs will also play games on Saturday and Monday, and you can catch all of them via online stream. Here's the team's summer league schedule.