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Never-too-early bracketology pins NC State as 7-seed

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I know what you're thinking, "hey, I remember that time when Joe Lunardi predicted NC State to be a three-seed in J.J. Hickson's freshman season." There are a few ways you can go about that recollection. The first is straight denial. Another is to be like, "oh yeah I remember that, and we won it all, and I floated away onto a rainbow made out of Roy Williams' tears." I forgot the third way.

This time around, Lunardi has NC State as a seven-seed against Oregon in the opening round, with an impending game against second-seeded Iowa State. This is in top-seeded Maryland's region, because of course it is. That's the only regional placement that could make sense. UNC, Kentucky, and Kansas also get one-seeds**.

(**I realize how this will sound given that it's coming from an NC State fan site, but if UNC earns a seed better than four in the NCAA tournament, I will eat a shoe. I will eat a shoe and my record from the beginning has been that I will eat a shoe and you can quote me.)

What I'm saying is that's our four-seed.