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Taking stock of the NC State basketball roster following Dennis Smith's commitment

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Here we are in September of 2015, well before the start of the 2015-16 season, and I'm about to get into NC State's 2016-17 roster situation. Too soon, probably, but at the same time, it's really hard to help it after Dennis Smith's announcement on Thursday.

So here is one guess at a hazy future, seeing as we still don't know which players will join Smith in the 2016 class, nor do we know who will leave following the 2015-16 season. The players I have in parentheses are guys I'm guessing will be gone after this season, whether that's to the draft or to transfer.

Way-too-early 2016-17 lineup guessery:

1 -- Dennis Smith Jr. / (Cat Barber) / (Cody Martin)
2 -- Torin Dorn / Terry Henderson / Caleb Martin / Maverick Rowan
3 -- Caleb Martin / Maverick Rowan / Torin Dorn / Terry Henderson / (Cody Martin) / Shaun Kirk
4 -- (Malik Abu) / Lennard Freeman / (Cody Martin)
5 -- BeeJay Anya / Lennard Freeman

Smith expects to start at the point as a true freshman, and NC State's recruiting priorities also suggest that Cat Barber is headed for pro ball following this season. This is hardly set in stone, but that seems to be the way things are trending at this point. Barber will have the opportunity to showcase his talents like never before, and if he delivers he'll probably reach his peak value as a prospect.

There's more guesswork involved with Malik Abu and Cody Martin, but I figure the glut at wing is going to result in some turnover sooner rather than later, while Abu is talented enough for a breakout season that could usher an exit to the NBA.

Torin Dorn coming eligible in 2016 adds to the depth in the backcourt, which will transition from minor concern in 2015-16 to bucket-generating fright factory the year after. Even if the Pack doesn't add another piece here, it has to feel good about being able to run with Smith, Henderson, Dorn, and some combination of Caleb Martin and Maverick Rowan.

The holes lie around the rim, where--pending Malik Abu's sophomore season--the Wolfpack could look a bit shorthanded. Of course, that's where (theoretically) Bam Adebayo comes in.