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NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley speaks about the diabetic episode that almost killed him

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

NC State assistant basketball coach Rob Moxley has diabetes, and back in the spring, it nearly killed him. Moxley opened up publicly for the first time on Thursday about the frightening diabetic episode that put him in the hospital for several days in May. The Wolfpacker has the full story.

Diabetic shock led to cardiac arrest and multiple strokes, and considering that it's incredible that Moxley is back in his full capacity as an assistant coach. The quick response by his wife, who was with him at the time and called paramedics, may have saved his life.

Moxley was back at it recruiting for NC State by July, and he was most recently spotted visiting Edrice Adebayo with Mark Gottfried.

Good on ya, Ralston, and it's great to have you back, coach.