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NC State hoops holds photo day; no changes evident to 2015-16 uniforms

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NC State men's basketball team held its photo day on Monday, giving us our first look at not only the whole team together, but what they'll be wearing for the upcoming season. It looks like State has made no changes to last year's set of Adidas threads:

Of course, change isn't always a good thing when it comes to Adidas. The company's special March cummerbund uniforms were widely panned last spring, and hey, uh, did you see what they cooked up for Michigan this season? Not quite cummerbund, not quite ... well I guess it kinda looks like a tire tread? (Whatever you do, Michigan, do not get blown out of a game this year.)

Anyway, can't say I mind stickin' with what State wore last season. Perhaps we'll start to see more significant changes once State gets its next apparel deal with Adidas done. (Or done with somebody else, possibly, but probably not.)

Once all the photos were taken, it was time for--you guessed it--trick shot practice! Going two-for-four here is pretty good, I'd say: