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NC State lost to Georgia Tech and Mark Gottfried is very upset

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Gottfried is good at keeping things level, outside of the plain and very public constraints of a 40-minute basketball game. On Wednesday night, though, his irritation over NC State's loss to Georgia Tech was obvious. He was not happy with the way his team came out in the first half. (Among other things.)

Via the News and Observer, here's his post-game press conference:

For the most part, Gottfried has been able to maintain a level of detachment that's allowed him to take a constructive approach. If, Gottfried included, we were all together in denial, Wednesday was the shot of reality that finally landed home. Gott called out the team's first-half effort, and his frontcourt players' poor rebounding. Neither of those criticisms are unfair, but it is weird to see Gottfried so clearly angry.

It's also weird for basketball season to be over in January, so I guess we're setting all sorts of new records here. Maaaaaaaaan please make the hurting stop soon.