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Sports Illustrated projects Dennis Smith Jr. to average 15 points per game

Mike Comer/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated has been gradually rolling out its statistical projections for the upcoming college basketball season, and on Monday they released their list of top 100 scorers. NC State freshman point guard Dennis Smith Jr. is projected to average 15.4 points per game this season, which ranks 54th.

That's interesting, but it's also noteworthy that SI projects DSJ to be really efficient: a 120 offensive rating with an above-average workload is really good. I am a little surprised that these projections expect Smith to use only 22% of NC State's possessions--seems low. (20% is average.)

But Smith is not going to have to freelance like Cat Barber did last season, and as a player who is going to create a lot of havoc off the dribble, it's a fair bet he'll be dishing the ball as often as he could take it to the rim himself. That's a good thing, and also the sign of a healthier program with better depth.