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BTP The Podcast Vol. 9: Basketball Hype Edition

A lot of basketball, a lot of ignoring football.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-North Carolina State vs Duke Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Did you want to listen to a whole podcast about football after what happened on Saturday? Of course you didn’t. So we spent a while talking about all sorts of basketball things, from the new Reynolds, to Primetime With The Pack, to recruiting, and the roster. Joining Will I this week is noted BTP hoops insider Newclass, who had a lot of good stuff to share.

It is still very much June in this podcast. Until we briefly talk about football at the end. But you can skip that part if you feel like it.

We’re two and a half weeks from the regular-season opener against Georgia Southern and a little over a week from the first exhibition game. We’re almost there, ya’ll, almost there.

(Tunes: “Faithbreaker,” by The Love Language, from Ruby Red; “Christmas Time Is Here,” by Vince Guaraldi, from A Charlie Brown Christmas; “Silver Spring,” by Speedy Ortiz, from Sports.)