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Video: T.J. Warren throws down huge dunk in Suns preseason game

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

T.J. Warren's second NBA season was cut short by a foot injury in February--he needed surgery to repair a fracture, and that sidelined him for several months. This was a tragedy for a couple reasons. For one thing, it deprived America of T.J. Warren playing basketball. For another, he was having a nice year, averaging 11 points per game coming off the bench.

He's back, though. Extremely back.

Yeah, that looks familiar. Well, maybe not the monster dunk part, but all the rest I remember. This was his first game back since he hurt his foot, and he finished the night 4-9 from the field.

It could be a breakout year for Warren, who will begin the season in the Suns' starting lineup. That may not last once P.J. Tucker returns from injury in November, but either way, Warren has an opportunity to prove he's capable of a larger role within Phoenix's offense.